Give the Gift of Clean!

Hourly Gift Certificates

In order to keep our work consistent and top-notch, all employees must complete our training program. First, we provide our employees with classroom training during which they will become familiar with our specific cleaning techniques and the tools used therein. In these classes, we demonstrate to our new staff the step by step procedures, correct methods, and products used to thoroughly clean an entire home.

We also show every new staff member our SummerWind instructional video and present them with an employee workbook. These steps in the training process, plus a required review of our safety program, help to ensure that all our employees are on the same page regarding our policies and procedures.

After our employees have finished the classroom training, they must complete a two week field training period. During this period, new employees work closely with an experienced team leader so they can gain hands on experience with our methods and process. Even after the initial training process is complete, we hold weekly meetings so we can continue training, review customer complaints, discuss new products, go over more efficient techniques, and continually improve our cleaning program.